Chic Hairstyles | 4 Style Tips to Boost Volume of Fine Hair

Most women love the idea of thick tresses, so thin hair can prove to be quite an anxiety. Fine hair is more common than you think –– whether it is from hereditary predisposition, hair abuse or hormones. Before going to a hairdresser and bemoaning your unfortunate situation, take the time to consider these smart style tips that will boost the volume of your thin hair. Get a Volume Enhancing Haircut [Read More]

Some Benefits Of Non Surgical Liposuction

It would be fair to say that surgical liposuction procedures, when they were first introduced, quickly became associated with the rich and famous. The relatively high cost of these procedures excluded many people from being able to afford them. However, as advances in technology have steadily been made over the intervening years, not only is it possible for the majority of people to have these procedures done, but also they can now be done in a non intrusive and safer way. [Read More]