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How To Cure Your Split Ends

If you have long or very dry hair, you may suffer from split ends.  Split ends can make your hair look tired, frizzy, and old.  So what can you do to tackle the problem and how can your hair salon help?

The right shampoo

Always choose a shampoo that's specifically designed for dry, stressed hair.  When you wash your hair, mix a small amount of shampoo with an equal quantity of water and apply it to the roots of your hair only.  Work up a nice lather and massage it through the roots of your hair and into your scalp, before rinsing clean.  Just allow the rinse to run through the rest of your hair naturally, without any help from you.  This means that the length of your hair will still be left nice and clean without being damaged by rubbing.

When you dry your hair, wrap it up in a warm towel for a few minutes to soak up excess water.  Don't rub your hair or wring it out as this can further damage the ends.

Split end coating treatments

Use a special split end coating treatment containing silicon oil after every three shampoos.  All you have to do is gently smooth a couple of drops of treatment onto the ends of your hair.  The coating will help to temporarily seal the spit ends, taming frizz and giving flyaway hair more weight and shine.

For a longer-term split end fix, ask your hairdresser about in-salon keratin treatments.  Keratin products are used to coat every individual hair, giving your locks an amazing, silky shine that can last for months.

Regular trimming

In order to keep your hair in good condition and your split ends under control, it's important that you have your hair trimmed by a good hairdresser every couple of months.  Regular maintenance trims will keep your hair looking thicker and shinier, as well as keeping split ends to a minimum.

Use good quality grooming tools

Always invest in good-quality grooming tools; cheap combs or brushes with metal bristles cause damage to dry hair and encourage split ends.  The best brushes to use are those with natural bristles, and combs should be made of wood or real horn.

In conclusion

Don't let split ends ruin your look!  Have a chat with your hairdressing salon for more advice on hair care.  They will be able to provide you with all the hair grooming tools and products that you need, as well as trimming your hair regularly to keep it in great condition.