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Top Tips For First Time Extension Wearers

If you're tired of your short hair style or fancy a totally new look, you might be considering hair extensions.  Hair extensions are great for adding volume as well as length to your hair, leaving your 'do' looking healthy, shiny and in great condition instantly.  There are many different application methods for hair extensions to choose from, so what's the best option for the first timer?  Read on for a comparison of two popular hair extension types, together with some tips on aftercare.

Full head 'hair weave' extensions

Your hair stylist will begin the application process by weaving your own hair into little plaits right up against your scalp.  The hair extensions are then stitched into the braids using a needle and thread.  You just wash and style the extensions as you would do normally.

A big advantage of this technique is that, because all of your natural hair is plaited, it will be protected from the damage caused by heated styling tools and will therefore retain its condition while the extensions are in place. 

Full head hair weave extensions are one of the more expensive options, but they are a good choice for a first timer because they are straightforward to care for, and you don't have to worry about trying to blend them into your natural hair as you would do with a partial weave or clip-ins.  One downside of this type of extension is that they need to be re-applied every couple of months as your own hair grows.

Clip-in hair extensions

Clip-in hair extensions are a good choice if you're not sure what colour or length of hair would suit you best.  They're much easier to remove than other types of hair extensions, so if you don't like the finished result, you simply have them taken out and start again.

The extensions are clipped into your own hair by your stylist, and you just wash and style as normal.  Clip-in extensions are the cheapest option, although you'll need to re-fit them as your own hair grows.

Tips for first-time extension wearers

  1. Always buy the best quality hair extensions you can get.  Virgin human hair extensions are the best choice because they last longer than synthetic ones, look more natural, and don't tend to tangle as easily.  It's important to be sure of the length you require before you purchase, as the longer the extensions, the more expensive they are.  
  2. Don't wash your extensions every day or you'll dry them out.  You should only need to wash them every few days using a shampoo and conditioner specially formulated for extensions.  Your hairdresser will be able to provide you with a suitable set of care products when you have your extensions fitted.  
  3. Use only a wide-toothed comb on your extensions and allow them to air-dry whenever you can.  This will prevent heat damage and tangles.  
  4. Don't sleep on wet or damp extensions, as this can cause them to mat.  Always loosely plait your hair at night, or wear a special protective bonnet to prevent tangling.  
  5. Always leave the installation and removal of hair extensions to a professional hairdresser with experience in the process.  If you take the DIY approach, you could damage your expensive extensions, or your natural hair.

In conclusion

Hair extensions are a great way of updating your look, without having to wait for your hair to grow naturally.  Have a chat with your hairdresser for more information and advice.