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Chic Hairstyles | 4 Style Tips to Boost Volume of Fine Hair

Most women love the idea of thick tresses, so thin hair can prove to be quite an anxiety. Fine hair is more common than you think –– whether it is from hereditary predisposition, hair abuse or hormones. Before going to a hairdresser and bemoaning your unfortunate situation, take the time to consider these smart style tips that will boost the volume of your thin hair.

Get a Volume Enhancing Haircut

Before undertaking any drastic action, make sure you get a volume-enhancing haircut from a hairdresser. You'll want to choose from hairdressers in your area that specialise in volume-enhancing styles, so be sure to check with them before making an appointment. As a general rule, long single-length hair will make your hair look flat and fine. Moreover, the hair length weight will separate your hair and open up to your scalp more than necessary. Keep in mind that length and multiple layers are essential for volume –– you'll need to consider mid-length or shorter haircuts that don't drag your hair downward. Layering will add texture and lift to make the hair appear more voluminous.

Create Bounce with Hair Colour

Hair colour is an ideal accompaniment to a volume-enhancing haircut when you have fine hair, because it can make the hair appear fuller. For example, a hairdresser can style lighter highlights on dark hair to reduce the contrast between your scalp and hair. Adding a few colour shades will create a multi-faceted appearance by presenting the illusion of added bounce and movement. Colour can also swell hair shafts to make it look thicker. When choosing your colour with your hairdresser, be sure to look for something that works well with your skin tone. Darker skin tends to look better with dark reds and browns, while lighter skin looks good with blondes and light browns.

Thicken Hair Strands

Several volume-enhancing hair products are available to expand the size of individual hair strands. Because they expand the hair strands, they can make a haircut last longer. This is especially useful, because fine hair tends to lose its shape quicker. Volumising hair products include sprays, shampoos, conditioners, lotions, gels and mousses. Your hairdresser should be able to provide recommendations on products, depending on your specific type of hair.

Change Your Hair Parting

If you have had the same hair parting for a long time, consider shifting it to the centre or to the other side. When hair is continuously flattened in the same direction, switching the parting will help to lift your hair from the scalp –– giving it more volume and body. Ask your hairdresser for a change of parting while you're getting your haircut for the best outcome.

Use these smart style tips for maximising your hair volume when you visit the hairdresser next.