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Some Benefits Of Non Surgical Liposuction

It would be fair to say that surgical liposuction procedures, when they were first introduced, quickly became associated with the rich and famous. The relatively high cost of these procedures excluded many people from being able to afford them. However, as advances in technology have steadily been made over the intervening years, not only is it possible for the majority of people to have these procedures done, but also they can now be done in a non intrusive and safer way. This article looks at some benefits of non surgical liposuction compared to the traditional method of liposuction operations.

Pain Reduction

Traditional liposuction involves incisions into the body to allow access for devices which sucked undesired fat out. Many people will be aware, through television programs and internet videos, that the surgeon who carries out the liposuction has to manipulate the surgical device with some force. This results in bruising and swelling for the patient. Non-invasive techniques, such as heating fat cells so that they are killed off and removed by the body, or by freezing them off, require no incisions or insertion of medical equipment. This greatly reduces the potential pain and swelling traditionally associated with regular liposuction.

Rapid Recovery

For many people, an important aspect of any procedure is the recovery time. Time has to be taken off work and normal life may have to be put on hold until the recovery is made. With traditional liposuction, the post procedure recovery time can be as much as six months, depending on the level of bruising, swelling and pain. When undergoing a non surgical liposuction procedure, in many cases, the patient can return to their routines immediately. As there is no swelling or bruising – only a mild discomfort with regards to heat and cold – non surgical liposuction patients can resume work the next day and not have to go through a long recovery period.


Undergoing a non invasive liposuction procedure doesn't involve the same amount of planning, staff or equipment as a standard liposuction procedure. Less time is required to perform the procedure on a patient. Usually, smaller areas are targeted compared to a traditional procedure.  All these factors combine to make the cost of a non invasive liposuction procedure a good deal less expensive than a traditional liposuction procedure.

Liposuction is useful for people who, despite having tried to lose weight through diet and exercise, find it hard to remove areas of fat from different parts of their bodies. Liposuction can help remove this fat, and a healthy lifestyle and diet is always recommended to ensure that the fat stays off.

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